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Grateful beyond measure

I have an enormous praise to share. At the close of Baptist Children’s Homes’ (BCH) 2020 fiscal year on September 30, we completed the year with a balanced budget. This is a HUGE God thing––and we offer a HUGE praise. Thanks to each of you that gave to keep this ministry operating throughout this unprecedented time of crisis. Thousands of lives have been impacted. Thank you.

When COVID-19 changed everything, we canceled events and speaking engagements. We canceled two $100,000 events. We canceled our annual food drive which typically provides $750,000 in food, gift cards, and cash for food. Immediately, we had a $950,000 deficit. But no fear, God was working in your hearts––our dear, dear friends. Our family.

God used you to close the gap. We are grateful beyond measure for God’s provision––for how God used you. Your calls, notes of encouragement, prayers, and gifts made the difference. Your impact translates into changed lives. Thank you.

A pregnant 14-year-old girl was frightened and alone as she prepared to bring her baby into this world. But, she did not remain frightened and alone. When she came into BCH, she gained a family. That family includes you.

A 12- year-old boy’s Dad passed away. He is angry and grieving. He struggles to find the hope and courage he needs. But he is not alone. His BCH family walks this difficult journey with him––you are a part of that family.

A mom and her six children walked through our doors hopeless––broken by poverty and abuse. A safe place with plenty of food, words of encouragement, and a plan for a better tomorrow brought hope, help, and healing. This family is on the road to restoration and self-sufficiency. They are not walking alone. Their BCH family walks with them––you are a part of that family.

He never knew his mom. She was a drug addict and he was adopted at birth. He struggled as he became older unable to overcome feelings of abandonment. Then an amazing thing happened. Accompanied by his adoptive parents, he met his birth mother. They were able to talk. They hugged and he got answers to some of the tough questions he had carried all his life. It’s been a difficult journey, but he did not walk alone. His BCH family, his adopted family, and you walked with him each step along the way.

You have been overwhelmingly faithful in giving during the time of the pandemic. Our churches, despite the hardships they have incurred, have been unwavering in their love and support. Giving together, thousands of lives have been impacted.

For the brothers that were homeless living in a tent, Thank You.

For the brother and sister who had to survive on a single jar of peanut butter, Thank You.

For the special needs adult, who wakes up happy and brings smiles to everyone around him, Thank You.

For the aging adult who was isolated in his home with no wheelchair ramp, Thank You.

For the mother who had no home for her children after her husband was killed, Thank You.

For the hundreds, who have been able to let go of their painful past and ask Jesus into their hearts, Thank You.

A new budget year begins October 1. And like 2020, there are many unknowns–– but there are several knowns.

First, God is faithful! Next, we know we can count on you to be as amazing as you have been all year long through prayers, giving, and your voice of encouragement.

Please help tell our story to as many of your friends and family as possible. Please encourage your family of faith, your church, to make a difference through their prayers and gifts through our Annual Offering.

Yes, shout loudly for those who cannot speak for themselves. Thousands will continue to come to us in need and we need your continuous help. Together, we will be here with open hearts and arms.

Budgets represent big numbers, but more important they represent big needs, big opportunities, and the big love and transformational power of Jesus!

Remember, every gift given between now and January 31 will be matched dollar for dollar up to $250,000––we are so grateful for this matching gift. It is a great opportunity to maximize your investment in the lives of those we serve––Together!

Worthwhile Investments is written by Brenda B. Gray, BCH Executive Vice President of Development and Communications

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