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God was working all the time to bring this family together.

This past year was filled with many challenges. But in the midst of all that happened, stories of hope and victory transpired at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) and ended up on the pages of Charity & Children. God has been faithful. Have your heart lifted while reading a few of the most encouraging of 2020.

Nathen and Tylor arrived at BCH with few belongings and little hope. The brothers were homeless because of their mother’s struggles and the boys had no father to depend on for help. Janina DeHart called BCH about the same time the boys arrived. She and her husband, Mark, wanted to become BCH foster parents.

A year later, the DeHarts became the foster parents for the two brothers. On October 24, 2019, Nathen and Tylor were adopted by the DeHarts.

A short time later on a beautiful sunny afternoon, family and close friends gathered on the bank of a mountain river to watch Mark, assisted by a pastor at their church, baptize his two sons.

God was working all the time to bring this family together.

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Article is written by Blake Ragsdale, Director of Communications

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