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God prepares couple for calling

A wave to each other every day on their ways to and from work for two years led to a meeting, romance, and marriage. Two years later, Casey and Brittany Ammons welcomed the news that they were expecting. The couple were elated when their son Knox was born. Brittany thought it was a wonderful beginning. She is one of five siblings and dreamed of having a large family. “I could not imagine loving anyone more than Knox,” Casey admits. “I thought my world was complete.”

Soon after Knox’s birth, Brittany began having severe abdominal pains. Something was wrong. Surgery left her unable to have any

more children, leaving her heart broken. “I felt like there was a big hole in my heart,” she shares. “I thought it was a hole only a family could fill.” Brittany turned to God for answers. “I grew up in the church and was comfortable doing church, but I did not have a relationship with God. My brother had recently been saved. We began talking and he led me to the Lord. I discovered Jesus was the One who could fill the hole and heal my heart.” Casey did not grow up in church, but says he was playing the part, “trying to be a good person.” “I checked all the boxes,” he confesses. “But I knew my life was not what it should be. I wanted to be a better person.”

The couple began to discuss adopting and discovered Christian Adoption Services (CAS) online. They attended an information meeting at a nearby church. Both felt a stirring in their hearts. “I was deeply moved by everyone I met at the CAS meeting,” Casey remembers. “It was so evident that they had something that I didn’t have.” Later that night after returning home, Casey watched a video of Billy Graham preaching a sermon on being born again. “I knew I needed to be born again and right then and there I surrendered my life and gave my heart to God.”

Excited about adopting, the couple submitted an application and were denied. But instead of seeing it as a rejection, they gave it all to God in faith. “It wasn’t the right time,” Casey says. “ God needed time to work in our lives. He would work it out. And in the meantime, we discovered our calling.” One year later the couple reapplied.

Things started happening. Nine months to the day, Eli was born.

“It happened so quick,” Brittany laughs. “We were chosen by the birth mom, Eli was born on Father’s Day, and the next day we went to meet him.” Two years passed and the Ammons began discussing

adoption again. Both were open to the idea, but Brittany said it needed to be from the Lord. In April, the phone rang. Eli’s birth mom wanted the Ammons to become Eli’s sister’s parents, too.

In a whirlwind, the doors flew open. There was only a month to prepare. Evie was born on May 12, becoming the Ammons’ third child. The couple believe one’s heart needs to be in the right place. Brittany asserts that adopting doesn’t fill a hole. “Christ must be first. Everything else will fall into place."

To learn more about adoptions through Christian Adoption Services, visit online at or call


If you or someone you know is pregnant and not ready:

24/7 helpline: 1-800-453-1011

Espanol: 1-888-297-4108

Text for help: 704-619-3531

Email for help:

Written by Jim Edminson, Editor of Charity & Children

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