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God has worked to give Cruz a bright future and a supportive family.

This past year was filled with many challenges. But in the midst of all that happened, stories of hope and victory transpired at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) and ended up on the pages of Charity & Children. God has been faithful. Have your heart lifted while reading a few of the most encouraging of 2020.

Cruz and Betty Porter prepare peanut butter fudge––17-year-old Cruz’s favorite.

A college freshman, he needs to know how to make the treat for himself.

“This is a must,” Cruz laughs. “Of all that I need to be ready for college, this may be the most important. You never know when I’ll have a craving.”

According to cottage mom Betty, Cruz has changed so much since coming to BCH. His confidence has increased. Cruz has grown into a successful young man––a leader among the boys in his cottage, a high school honor student, and an exceptional musician.

Cruz affirms his growth at Broyhill Home in Clyde. “I had no idea that I would accomplish so much,” he reflects.

Cruz auditioned and gained a spot on the “Pride of the Mountains Marching Band” at Western Carolina University where he is a freshman.

“Being here, with Betty and Will Porter and the other boys, I feel like I’m home,” he says. “This is my family.”

God has worked to give Cruz a bright future and a supportive family.

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Article is written by Jim Edminson, Charity & Children Editor

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