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Festival shines brightly after a four-year absence

The “Cookin’ for the Kids” Broyhill Barbecue Festival made its return for the first time since 2019. The annual festival, which was paused due to the COVID outbreak, is organized by Ninevah Baptist Church and Mike Leslie, the church’s pastor and member of the Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) Board of Trustees.

Admission to the festival is free to the public. Proceeds generated from meal tickets and festival events benefit the children and families served at BCH’s Broyhill Home in Clyde where the event also takes place. After a four-year absence, there was natural uncertainty regarding how well the event would be attended. Any concerns quickly vanished as community friends and supporters poured onto the campus grounds.

“It was a high and holy moment to see all those people readily come back and with such enthusiasm,” said Linda Morgan, BCH Statewide Director, Cottage Care Homes and Foster Care. “It was totally inspirational to the children and staff to see how much love and support we have from the community.”

The day included a barbecue meal, live music from Fields of Grace from Candler, a car/truck/ motorcycle show, and the 3-D bow shoot. Bikers from Ride to Clyde were also in attendance.

Written by Blake Ragsdale, BCH Director of Communications

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