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Edminson's service reveals passion for families

Charity & Children (C&C) holds a special place in the hearts of many North Carolina Baptists (and others). Whether they grew up reading about the transformed lives of children, or whether they more recently have connected with the multifaceted ministries of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH), the stories in C&C always touch the heart and remind us that when God’s people share His hope, lives are changed.

In its 133-year history, the 14 editors of Charity & Children have had three things in common: They’ve all been wordsmiths with depth of experience, professional training, and a wholesome calling to Christian ministry. As a member of this esteemed group, Editor Jim Edminson is currently celebrating his 20th anniversary — a milestone surpassed only by Archibald Johnson who served as editor for 40 years from 1895 until 1935.

Unlike most of C&C’s editors, Edminson didn’t grow up in North Carolina. He moved his wife, Kathy, and their three youngest children from Louisiana in 2000. In addition to their oldest child who was about to enter college, Jim and Kathy left both of their extended families in Louisiana to follow the Lord’s direction to serve other families in a state where they had neither family nor friends.

Edminson’s ensuing 20 years as editor of C&C have revealed his genuine passion for children and families. Anyone who knows him for more than a few minutes, or who is a faithful reader of his “Homeword” column, is aware of his deep commitment to f