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Cruz set to attend college and major in music education

Betty Porter prepares to give another lesson. This time however, it’s not a math lesson like the one she led during the COVID-19 school closures, nor a daily Bible lesson taught during cottage devotions. The classroom is her cottage kitchen, and her student is 17-year-old Cruz. He is learning the steps for making peanut butter fudge––his favorite. He leaves for college soon, and he needs to know how to make the treat for himself.

“This is a must,” Cruz laughs. “Of all that I’m doing to be ready for college, this may be the most important. You never know when I’ll have a craving.”

Like most good cooks, Porter does not teach her lesson from a recipe card. This cottage mom has made the much-loved dessert time and again in Frizzell-Higdon Cottage at Broyhill Home in Clyde. She acknowledges she could make a batch of the fudge in her sleep.

According to his cottage mom, Cruz has changed so much since coming to BCH. His confidence has increased, notes Porter. Cruz has grown into a successful young man––a leader among the boys in his cottage, an honor student, and an exceptional musician.

Cruz affirms his growth at Broyhill Home. “I had no idea that I would accomplish so much,” he reflects. “And now, I’m weeks away from attending Western Carolina University.” Cruz shares big news: he auditioned and gained a spot on WCU’s infamous “Pride of the Mountains Marching Band.”

“Being here, in this cottage, I feel like I’m home,” he says. “This is my family.”

With this final lesson from Porter, each time Cruz makes the fudge, he will feel the affirmation and love of family. He will know a satisfaction far beyond the smooth richness of his favorite treat.

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Article by Jim Edminson, Charity & Children Editor

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