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Single Mom Sees God at Work in Her Family

Susan’s parents traveled from Baltimore to see for themselves. The mom and dad had been estranged from their 29-year-old daughter for too many years. They did not speak often, and when they did, the conversations ended where they often began: in a disagreement. But now, Jesus had transformed the young mother’s life.

“There are people who I knew before God saved me who cannot recognize me,” Susan confesses. “I have changed that much.”

Once angry and dealing with feelings of depression, Susan often thought of giving up. When she first came to Greater Vision Outreach Ministry at Mills Home in Thomasville, she was only looking for clothes and shoes for her children, Rubi and Ezequiel. The children’s father, and her boyfriend, was living a dangerous life,

one that eventually put him behind bars. Alone and caring for two small children, she struggled to provide for them as a family.

Greater Vision Outreach Ministry helps meet the essential physical and spiritual needs of working families who are struggling

financially. The ministry helps families work toward self-sufficiency and independence.

Greater Vision manager, Sara Becker, remembers Susan’s first visit. “There are so many roadblocks women like Susan face. They want to care for their children, but it is almost impossible for them to find a job. And if they do find work, there is the question of reliable transportation to and from the job. And then there is the need for daycare. It can be overwhelming.”

But Sara saw something in this young single mom and believed “there is such potential in Susan.”