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Bogey joins Kennedy Home after volunteering as a child

Megan Bogey serves as a case manager at Kennedy Home for BCH’s Family Foster Care program.

Twenty-two-year-old, and recent college graduate, Megan Bogey has gone from a page in Charity & Children to an office at Kennedy Home. Bogey was only eight years old when she and members from her home church, Albertson Missionary Baptist Church, attended a “Friends of Children” event on the Kinston campus.

“It was a sunny, beautiful day,” she recalls. “As we worked planting flowers, I thought in my small way I was helping children.”

The social work major was searching for her first job when her grandmother, Billie Faye “Mema” Howard, reminded her of Kennedy Home.

“Mema took the clipping of the “Friends of Children” C&C article out of a drawer and handed it to me,” she says. “There I was in the picture. I remember how wonderful it was that day––the connection in my mind and heart was immediate.”

Bogey says she is an over-thinker, but when deciding to come to Kennedy Home (KH), she didn’t think too long about it. “I knew I wanted to come. My mom and Mema were thrilled.”

This past June 29, Bogey made the 45-minute commute from Greenville to begin her new job as a KH case manager for Baptist Children’s Homes’ (BCH) Family Foster Care program. Her “virtual”––due to COVID-19––Eastern Carolina University graduation had only been days before. In her backseat, she packed yellow drapes for windows and decorative sunflower wall art destined for her office door.

“I always have wanted to help others,” she affirms. “To work helping others and to serve a Christian ministry, it is ideal.”

The Family Foster Care ministry is growing across the state. The program partners with churches recruiting families from congregations. BCH provides expert training and offers close support throughout the process. Bogey is working with six families and has placed five children.

Bogey admits she was nervous at first, but she says the KH team made it easy to settle into her position. She was excited about taking what she had learned in college and applying it to her work with foster families.

“I settled in quickly,” she says. “Everyone here is like family. I knew it from the beginning, this is going to be great.”

Bogey says her family, group of friends from college, and her church are important in her life. “I’ve added BCH to that tight circle. Kennedy Home has become an integral part of my life.”

Bogey says she is “sold” on BCH.

“I would encourage anyone to come and find their place of service at BCH,” she asserts. “Come and be a part of a great family.”

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Article by Jim Edminson, Charity & Children Editor

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