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Blessings abound during historic and unprededented times

This past year was filled with loss and hardship for so many Americans. People throughout North Carolina and the world have been deeply impacted by COVID-19. But in spite of the challenges, there was good news.

Facing a pandemic

In March 2020, Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) entered an unprecedented time navigating everyday life during the pandemic.

Immediately, BCH president/CEO Michael C. Blackwell stepped to the front to assure friends, residents and staff members that just as BCH has in other times overcome great challenges, BCH would persevere and come through this time stronger than ever.

Fortunately, many safety protocols to protect the BCH family at facilities around the state had long been in place. Because of the ministry’s readiness and the quick response in implementing even more precautions, BCH effectively has remained safe during the past 10 months.

As soon as public schools were closed, BCH’s staff members embraced “Stay Home...Stay Safe.” Cottage parents added to their daily roles serving as school teachers, activity directors, and guidance counselors. Cottage parents helped the children succeed online using remote learning.

Despite the fact that many North Carolina Baptist churches faced their own challenges, they did not forget BCH. Their strong giving and support brought BCH through a tough year.

BCH marks 135 year anniversary

The year 2020 marked the anniversary of BCH which was established November 11, 1885. The theme for the year is “Founded on faith...Built on love.”

Although celebration gatherings were canceled, the anniversary was highlighted through the writing of a new BCH history book by Dr. Blackwell that will be available first quarter of 2021 and the release of a three-minute documentary scripted and narrated by Blackwell recounting the Children’s Homes’ storied history.

The video, titled “Founded on faith…Build on love,” is a message of resolve, strength and faith, and can be viewed at

BCH acquires new ministry

Trustees took historic action during their September 15 board meeting adding Christian Adoption Services (CAS) to BCH’s array of services. Through CAS, BCH gains the ability to aid families with domestic and international adoptions.

BCH and CAS were already working together through a partnership that was established in July 2019.

“Boys and girls need to be cared for by dedicated families who can give them the love and protection they deserve,” says Blackwell. “Bringing in the proven expertise of Christian Adoption Services expands our ability to offer children hope.”

BCH helps churches establish foster/adopt ministries

The number of churches partnering with BCH to impact the lives of children through family foster care and adoption is growing. BCH staff members provide training and licensing classes at participating churches to couples who desire to foster. BCH helps churches provide ongoing ministry, practical support, and community for the couples and the children they foster and/or adopt.

BCH filmed an information video for a foster/adopt breakout session as a part of the virtual 2020 Annual

Meeting of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC). Along with the video, BCH launched website providing information to churches and couples concerning the foster care and adoption ministries.

NCBAM aids the isolated aging