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BCH Unveils Four New Videos

Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) offers four new videos as a part of its Annual Offering promotional materials.

The video, Hope & Future (above), is named for this year’s offering theme and tells the story of two homeless brothers who found hope at BCH. The second is a one-minute clip entitled Ciara’s Story (below) featuring the journey of the BCH resident and high school valedictorian. The last two are Family Foster Care videos.

The foster care video shorts share the story of the Cook Family. There is a three-minute version and a one-minute promotional version.

“Creating foster care videos that churches can share with their congregations was a priority this year,” said Blake Ragsdale, BCH Director of Communications and producer of the videos. “I have pastors who are excited about what God is doing through their foster care partnership with BCH ask me when we could provide a video. God provided the right story at the right time through the Cook family. They have been gracious in allowing their journey to be shared.”

The three-minute version (right) delves deeper into the family’s story, while the one-minute promo version (below) is the perfect length for a church to use as part of worship.

“Whether it’s before the service begins, during a mission moment, or while the offering is being collected, we offer a version that is inspirational but did not demand too much time,” Ragsdale explained.

The DVDs of the videos, along with other Annual Offering materials including envelopes, bulletin inserts and posters, are mailed to North Carolina Baptist churches and are directed to the pastor’s attention.

Digital versions of each video can also be downloaded immediately online through BCH’s offering website, and

“More churches are using presentation software, such as ProPresenter and MediaShout, to show slides and videos during worship,” Ragsdale said. “Our goal is to make it easy for everyone, regardless of the technology being utilized, to share the BCH story.”

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