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BCH podcast "It's a family matter" marks 50th episode

It’s a family matter podcast launched June 27, 2019. On May 10, the 50th episode will stream featuring the third show in the series with guest Bishop Dr. George B. Jackson. On April 21, the national Baptist Communicators Association awarded It’s a family matter 2nd place for best podcast show overall and 3rd place for best single episode featuring guest Betsy Bolick.

In the summer of 2019, BCH president/ CEO Michael C. Blackwell launched his podcast “It’s a family matter.” He determined then to release a new episode every two weeks, and despite the challenges of COVID-19, he accomplished that goal. On May 10, the award-winning podcast will stream its 50th episode.

“It thrills me to be behind the microphone again as I interview the most interesting and informative guests,” Blackwell said. “Every episode is designed to touch hearts and to encourage listeners, listeners who can be anywhere in the world.”

Blackwell’s broadcast experience began as a 14-year-old disc jockey for WGNC-AM/FM in Gastonia hosting “Mickey’s Record Shop.”

The May 10 episode will culminate a three-part series with guest Bishop Dr. George B. Jackson, the founding pastor of the Citadel of Faith Christian Fellowship and founder and chair of the Martin Luther King Social Action Committee (MLK-SAC) in Thomasville.

The Rowan County native was consecrated by the United Cornerstone Churches International and is the author of four books.

“I could not be more pleased to have Bishop Dr. Jackson as my guest and have our third podcast in this series to be our 50th episode is over the top,” Blackwell said.

Blackwell was the recipient of the 2018 Martin Luther King Community Service Award presented by the MLK-SAC.

“The MLK-SAC uses the ‘King’ concept of social action for social change by focusing on enhancement, empowerment, enrichment, enlightenment, and encouragement,” Jackson said in the first podcast. “The ‘Five Es’ are at the center of all the work we do as a community.”

In episode two, Blackwell and Jackson explored the “beloved” community. Jackson said the beloved community is a place of unity. He said a beloved community is where everyone has accesss to what is needed to survive and thrive.

“The beloved community says that what blesses one, blesses all,” Jackson said. “So if I live in this community, one of the things I have to do is love my community. If I start to love my community, the community starts to love itself.”

To find the entire archive of “It’s a family matter,” search you favorite podcast platforms or visit for a complete listing of past episodes.

Article is written by Jim Edminson, Charity & Children Editor

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