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Asheboro Home ladies inspire BCH Trustees at meeting

Dressed in their Annie costumes, the ladies of Asheboro Home and their caregivers perform “Tomorrow,” the musical’s joyous and well-known song. The residents of the IDD Home in Randolph County were an inspiration to the women and men attending the Board of Trustees meeting on January 21 at Mills Home in Thomasville.

Everyone is gathered for the year’s first semi-annual meeting of the Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) Board of Trustees on January 21. The meeting is at Mills Home in Thomasville, the ministry’s historic first location and state administration headquarters.

“Anytime our trustees can be among those we have the privilege to serve, it is a home run,” says BCH president/CEO Dr. Michael C. Blackwell.

Asheboro Home is a part of BCH’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Ministry (IDD) –– one of nine group homes for special needs adults located across North Carolina.

“These ladies, together with all our special needs residents, are beloved by our trustees and friends,” Blackwell continues. “Just like the lyrics they sing, whenever the ladies walk into a room, the sun comes out.”

Trustees were treated to a special presentation of a performance the IDD residents shared at the Happiness Retreat –– a Baptist State Convention of North Carolina event, during the Disabilities Awareness Parade in Asheboro, and for the Kiwanis Aktion Club in Asheboro –– where they placed first in its talent competition.

The group also performed the popular “Chain Breaker” where they dramatically broke paper chains at the conclusion of the song.

“To hear the power in their voices as they tore off the chains and to witness their expressions during their song from Annie affirmed that this is the kind of ministry that Jesus is in,” says David Powell, trustee and senior pastor at Salem Baptist Church in Dobson. “I am thankful that God has entrusted BCH to be a place of community, acceptance, love, and support for people with special needs.”

The most significant moment during the meeting was the Service of Investiture for Trustees. Led by Dr. Blackwell, the ceremony honored the men and women serving on the board and officially conferred their high ranking as BCH’s governing body.

Trustees are commissioned during a special investiture ceremony and received a lapel pin with the newly-designed trustee logo. Trustees were encouraged to wear the pin as representatives of the ministry.

“The idea for the Service of Investiture has been on my mind for some time, but you can’t force such an effort into being. It comes together when the timing is perfect,” Blackwell explains. “It was fitting that this first ceremony occurred at the inaugural meeting for a brand-new decade.”

Dr. Blackwell led in a liturgical time where trustees read responsively pledging themselves to honor God as they provide oversight to BCH’s many ministries. Each board member received a pin, displaying a newly-designed trustee logo to be worn as they represent BCH.

Dr. Michael C. Blackwell addresses members of the Board of Trustees.

The remainder of the meeting included reports from BCH staff members and financial consultants. Reports included: performance quality and improvement, risk management, an investments synopsis, and the approval of the 2019 audited financial statement.

“God has much in store for us as we enter a new decade,” Blackwell says. “With this dedicated group’s support, BCH is poised for success.”

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