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Another child to hold...we could not do it without you

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

There is a beautiful canvas painting in the foyer of Mills Home Baptist Church in Thomasville. It is a picture of Jesus holding a young child while other children gather around Him. Their eyes are all transfixed on Him.

The Gospel story recounts how people brought children to Jesus for Him to touch and bless. When the disciples stopped them, Jesus commanded, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Jesus stopped what He was doing and walked toward the children, lifted each one into His arms, held them close, and loved them (Mark 10:13-16).

Every day at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH), God gives another child to hold. It can be a tiny baby or a bruised and battered teen. Other times it is an aging adult, alone and longing for someone to care.

Eric’s chief listens as the camper pours out his heart asking big questions: Why did my dad die? Why does my mom stay high? Why does she love drugs more than me? Why does no one in my family care about me?

The chief listens as the teen shares his pain and gut-wrenching sorrow. He offers a gentle hug, words of encouragement, and prays, “God help me to help Eric heal. God help me point him to you.”

Another child to hold. . .

She picks up the very tiny baby in her loving arms, sits in the rocker, and lifts the bottle to feed him. The little one is one of the babies abandoned to die in the streets. But the infant is safe now, resting in the loving arms of a caregiver at the orphanage in Guatemala who whispers, “God help this little one heal and grow strong.”

Another child to hold. . .

The teen is frightened. She never expected to be pregnant. As she thought of the life growing inside her, she knew that she wasn’t ready to care for a child. She was just a child herself. Overwhelmed, she turned to Christian Adoption Services and received counseling, guidance regarding pre-natal care, and the support she needed. She learned she could place her child for adoption and be a part of the process. She also came to know Jesus as her personal Savior. A caring counselor prayed, “Help me be Jesus to those who come seeking help.”

Another child to hold. . .

The girl was angry at her father who abused her and her mom. She was hurt that her mom, in desperation, abandoned her and her brother. She was distraught at family members who would not help. She was angry that she was now living in yet another group home. But this time was different. These people cared. Her tears were met with loving arms that wrapped around her. Her houseparents prayed as the anger and pain poured from her. Safe, she looked to God and asked Jesus into her heart. Healing began.

Another child to hold. . .

The NCBAM volunteer takes 83-year-old Margary to her doctor’s appointments, picks up medicines for her at the pharmacy, and delivers groceries to her home. She holds Margary’s hand and places her arm around her keeping her steady as she walks. She takes a few minutes longer at the end of helping Margary to listen, talk, and care. Margary experiences Jesus’ love in action. One day during a conversation, Margary shared that she had not accepted Christ as her Savior.

The NCBAM volunteer contacted her pastor. He visited and led her to the Lord. They witnessed the transformation in Margary’s life as Jesus filled her heart.

Another child to hold. . .

Not everyone can be a houseparent, but some can. Maybe that someone is you. Not everyone can be a chief at Cameron Boys Camp or Camp Duncan for Girls, but some can. Maybe that someone is you. Not everyone can be a foster parent, but some can. Maybe that someone is you.

You may not be called to become a BCH caregiver, but there are many ways you can hold one in need. First, you can pray! Your prayers are a lifeline for our staff and those we serve. You can give! Give for today and tomorrow. Your ongoing financial support helps make it possible for us to be there and wrap loving arms around those God has entrusted to BCH. And you can consider including BCH in your will. A long-time friend shared with me that he completed his will and that each of his three children would receive equal amounts. I thought for a moment and responded saying he only had two children. He smiled, “BCH is my third child.”

Another child to hold. . .

Thank you for sustaining us throughout these turbulent times. You saw the plight of North Carolina’s children and responded, opening your hearts to thousands. Last year, BCH impacted more than 195,000 lives––that’s right, 195,000 lives.

We could not do it without you! Because of you, we are here to hold another child.

Thank you. . .

Worthwhile Investments is written by Brenda Gray, BCH Executive Vice President of Development & Communications

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