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Alex and Rob bound for U.S. Special Olympics

Updated: May 9, 2022

Rob and Alex are best buds. They are residents at the Alverta Bolick Home in Asheville and teammates on the Buncombe County Special Olympic soccer team. This summer, the duo will compete in the 2022 Special Olympics U.S. Games in Orlando.

“You have to try out to be on the team,” Rob asserts. “But if you try out and don’t make the team, you can still come and practice anyway.”

“We warm up first thing at practice,” Alex chimes in. “We do stretches and drills and then we scrimmage. I like when we scrimmage.”

All five Bolick Home residents participate at county Special Olympic events throughout the year. Rob is a “Global Messenger.” He has been trained in public speaking and serves as an ambassador for Special Olympics. Rob recruits potential athletes, volunteers, and sponsors through public presentations.

Both men enjoy playing soccer. They know how to pass the ball, and each knows the position he plays and what is expected in the game.

Rob is proud of his defense: “I try to stay between the player with the ball and the goal.”

“I’m the one who gets the ball and scores—sometimes,” Alex smiles.

Rob was the first resident to live at Alverta Bolick Home after it opened in 2006. He was featured in a Charity & Children

August 2007 article w