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After all, the greatest of these truly is love

Remember chalk talks? They were the latest thing in my teen years, and I loved to use them to teach Bible truths. Storytelling

and art, fast-paced and engaging, a quick connection between me

and audience. During Vacation Bible School, I happily volunteered to bring Bible heroes to life, telling the story, chalking the characters, flipping the page, and beginning again. In my early

advertising career days, I kept at it, moving from chalk to marker

while keeping those big flipchart pages turning.

Maybe it’s because of my memories, and maybe it’s because it’s

just plain fun, but there is always a supply of chalk at my house.

These days, I lean toward the big sticks that are multicolor pastels

and come in a big tub. Bold, for bold messages.

When they were small, my children explored their artistic abilities using the colored sticks. As they grew, they drew four-corner courts and hopscotch blocks on the sidewalks and driveways. During Poetry Month, Kathy’s students wrote poems along the walkways at school using the chalk, together with sketches of butterflies and dragonflies and caterpillars. That refillable tub of chalk really came in handy. Still does, as a matter of fact.

On my phone there are snapshots of happy grands chalking on our driveway and sidewalks. Sometimes I wish I had a big umbrella to shield the masterpieces from rain, willing them to stay a bit longer to bring smiles to my face. On Roger’s birthday one year, he and I chalked images of him, life-size and zany, capturing his exuberant personality.

Most recently, my North Carolina family gathered for daughter Jenny’s birthday. We planned for an outdoor celebration complete

with lawn games and activities. Emmalie brought supplies of her

own suitable for the outside play. But although the calendar said

spring, the breeze and chill was more like late February. The party

took place inside.

Toward the end of festivities, my granddaughter slipped out of

the family room, motioning her mom to come. She reappeared

later, calling Papa and Pearl to come quick. Kathy donned a coat

and following her outside. The aunts and uncles trickled out, too,

with the pups. For whatever reason, I was delayed. When I rounded the corner, the crowd shielded my view until I was almost upon it:

a great big chalk drawing created by Emmalie. Hearts, stars, and

125-point, extra large hand-lettered words declaring her love for

her grandparents.

Can I just say there is nothing more wonderful than to come upon a message boldly declaring a love unmerited and overflowing with sincerity and simplicity, straight to the heart and instantly awesome?

Our Heavenly Father writes His message of love as clearly, with bold brilliance, for you and me to see, to read, to hold in our hearts.

He declares in Jeremiah, “I have loved you with an everlasting

love.” But there are countless more declarations throughout His

word. It is humbling to know, after all, that we are only able to love because of Him, as John reminds us in his first epistle. Whatever medium you choose, make sure you are sharing love with those you encounter. After all, the greatest of these truly is love. Grace be

with you, friends.

And love.

Written by Jim Edminson, Editor of Charity & Children

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