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Accreditation is near perfect

The reaccreditation process is not a simple task. It takes a core team of employees and the efforts of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) entire staff members a year to prepare for the arrival of peer reviewers from the Council on Accreditation of Services for Family and Children (COA).

And each time the ministry goes through this process, staff members mightily meet the challenge.

Out of the 1,084 standards that were reviewed during the process on February 18 -20, BCH received a perfect score on 1073 of them. In other words, peer reviewers found BCH to be “absolutely excellent” with no improvements needed.

“This is a tremendous blessing from God and a testament to the diligent work of our team,” said Bond Kiser, Vice President of Staff Engagement and Compliance. Kiser, along with Wendy Weatherman, were key leaders on the COA staff team.

Accreditation is the highest form of professional affirmation an organization such as BCH can receive. BCH received its first accreditation in 1987.

COA is an independent, not-for-profit accrediting body accrediting more than 2,200 private and public organizations serving more than seven million children, individuals and families in the USA and Canada.

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