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Mills Home cottage mom deployed

Sally Dean is a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army and my co-worker and spouse. Sally and I are cottage parents at Mills Home in Thomasville.

Sally is being deployed to Afghanistan for 340 days beginning May 31. She has been informed that the location may change before or at any point during the deployment based on the needs of the units in the region. Her main job is supply –– which basically means that any needs that our troops have, she is the person to see.

Sally orders, receives and distributes all items needed for the troops and their bases of operations. She also maintains “supply rooms” which can range from a closet-size room to a large warehouse. Items she could be responsible for range from simple hygiene or cleaning supplies to office supplies and food to uniforms and equipment –– even vehicles.

Of course like many jobs in today’s world, Sally could at any moment be pulled to assist in areas that she would normally not be doing, but if I’ve learned anything about her in the last twelve years, it is that Sally will go, do and excel at whatever task put in front of her.

April 3 marks her 19th year in the Army. She is experienced and good at what she does, and I am sure she is fully capable to handle this upcoming deployment. That being said, this will be the first time since having children that Sally has been away from us for more than two months at any given time, so I covet prayers for her and our family –– they are most definitely appreciated.

God has truly blessed us to be a part of the Baptist Children’s Homes’ family and in every other aspect of our life. Our God is mighty and He is able. We are comforted by so many wonderful praying people. Thank you for your support. Our trust is in Him.

Article by Eric Dean, Mills Home Cottage Father

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