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Children can make a difference!

You are seven years old and your little sisters are cold and hungry.

Imagine being too young to take care of yourself and also having to look out for your five-year-old and three-year-old sisters. It’s winter time and temperatures outside your family’s house are freezing. Your parents have gone to a local bar and you don’t know what time they will return. You take a box of cold, stale cereal out of the bare cabinets and give it to your sisters. There’s no electricity and the only clothes the three of you have are tank tops, shorts and flip flops. You do your best, but the reality is you and your sisters are all alone.

The story of sisters Elizabeth, Mary and Carly is true and is similar to so many of the circumstances facing children in North Carolina -- children who not only live in your home state, but in your city and perhaps only a few streets away from where you live. But your church -- your Vacation Bible School -- can ensure these children are not alone!

Through Mission: Kids NC, your VBS gives hope and a home to North Carolina children!

Elizabeth, Mary and Carly found a home at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) because the support of churches, like yours, makes our ministry possible. The sisters were greeted by caring cottage parents who immediately drew warm baths for them and made them delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. At BCH, they received new clothes, a warm bed, plenty of food, and much-needed love. They also learned about the unconditional love of Jesus!

Accepting the Mission! Please pray about being a part of Mission: Kids NC and leading your VBS to collect a missions offering that will bring children hope. Share with your VBS boys and girls how their prayers and support changes children’s lives in the name of Christ.

Thank you for being a light to the children at your church. May God richly bless the efforts of your VBS.

Visit to download flyers, videos, activity sheets, discussion guides and more! And be sure to schedule a BCH speaker to come share at your VBS by calling 336.474.1209.

Your VBS can change children's lives forever!

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