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Hannah finds hope in woods, wildlife and the Word

It’s only ten minutes until lunchtime. Sixteen-year-old Hannah smells the mouth-watering aroma of cube steak, potatoes and fried squash being prepared by the cook staff when suddenly Chief Tina bursts through the back door of the Chuckwagon.

“We caught a glass lizard!” she exclaims.

Hannah hurries to join the rest of her group, the Pioneers, as they examine the greenish reptile. The discovery becomes an impromptu learning experience. The girls note the texture of the lizard’s underbelly and the ear holes by its head. Hannah is fascinated.

“One of my favorite things at camp is seeing the animal life,” she says.

When Hannah first arrived at Baptist Children’s Homes’ (BCH) Camp Duncan for Girls in December 2017, the thought of being around wildlife or living outside was intimidating.

“I was scared to sleep outside,” she admits. “Now, I love hearing coyotes howling and sleeping in our tents when it’s raining. It’s amazing to hear the rain hitting the tarp; it helps me fall asleep.”

Hannah and her family agreed that Camp Duncan in Aberdeen would be the right place to find the help they needed to overcome their challenges. Her parents’ divorce was difficult for Hannah. Family dynamics were strained, and Hannah was struggling in her relationship with her father and stepmother. Hannah even tried running away.