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Changing a 10-year-olds life

She is 10 years old. She came from a family of abuse and drugs.

My Mom was always out doing drugs. When she was home, she was asleep or passed out. My Dad was always home. He tried to take care of us. He would throw the football and play with us. One day I had to stay home from school because I had lice. I woke up after my brother had left for school. I got up to get breakfast. After breakfast I wandered into the living room and found my Dad dead because he had overdosed. I came to BCH three months later. It’s changed my life.”

And Jesus said..."Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest."

You have changed the life of this young girl who has found hope and comfort at Baptist Children's Homes! Will you consider helping other children find the hope offered through Jesus?

Give immediately at

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