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Payton and Jacob needed peace

Little brother and sister

Jacob and Payton were brother and sister, ages 3 and 4. They were precious affectionate children. Payton sucked her thumb and twisted her short curly brown hair, and Jacob sucked his first two fingers and rubbed a blanket against his cheek when they were sleepy.

They had been rescued out of an addicted home that was extremely abusive to both of them and had been with us only a few weeks.

Payton had scars on her abdomen from being pushed into a campfire by her mother during a drunken stupor, and Jacob had fresh cigarette burns on his body from being disciplined for not being quiet.

They are so used to a chaotic environment that they recreated it in the cottage. They were constantly fighting over toys. Payton would squeal with delight one minute and scream hysterically the next.

One afternoon, she got so angry that she went into a full blown rage that lasted for two hours. Her houseparent held her in her arms for what seemed like eternity until she was able to calm down. With tears still streaming down her face she looked up at her houseparent asking, “you won’t hurt me pretty lady will you.” Payton needed peace.

And Jesus said…Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest.

You have helped ensure Payton and Jacob experienced genuine love and peace! Will you consider helping other children know the PEACE of Jesus?

Give immediately at

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