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Their lives had fallen apart...BUT Jesus

A Father, Mother and their two young boys are playing outside on a sunny Saturday afternoon. A drive by shooter kills the father in front of the mother and her two boys. Their lives fell apart.

She and her boys went to live with her father who died 3 months later and once again her life was shattered. She called for two weeks before we had an opening in our Family Care program.

The Mother and her two boys found healing and hope during their time of desperate loss. She attended college while in Family Care and her boys began to do well in school. Today she has made a new life for her family. She has a good job, a home and they are active in church.

And Jesus said…"Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest."

You have helped to give this family rest and experience the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you consider helping other single mothers and their children know the HOPE of Jesus?

Give immediately at

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