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Give a little extra...

All our hearts have been touched by the devastating effects of Hurricane Florence. North Carolina Baptist churches have been damaged and the homes and livelihood of their members have been destroyed. The impact of the most recent storm, Hurricane Michael, is still being assessed. But in the face of these catastrophes, Baptists from around the state have boldly and historically stepped up bringing relief and care in the name of Jesus.

In the next few weeks, giving for Baptist Children’s Homes is vital to care for the children. Christmas giving and end-of-the-year gifts make up significant, and essential, charitable contributions for us.

Many faithful Baptist churches and Baptists, especially in the east, will not be able to help like they would normally do at this time of year –– despite their desire to give. Until these churches are able, will you give a little extra on their behalf? Baptist have always done what was needed to care for the children. This is a time when we must work together on all fronts so that all needs are met.

You have been there for the children, not only in the aftermath of these recent storms, but ALWAYS –– no matter the circumstances.

Thank you!

-Michael C. Blackwell


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