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Do you have room?

It is 4:00 in the morning when the phone rings. “We have four children under the age of 10. Do you have room?”

Houseparents begin to ready the rooms so the children will have a good, clean bed to crawl into when they arrive. They also prepare a snack knowing the children may not have eaten considering their circumstances. Opioids have stolen their mom away from them.

The cottage is quiet when the children arrive and they try to understand where they are. One of the younger children is crying and the 10-year-old quickly jumps into action to take care of her. The seven-year-old little boy says he is hungry. They all make their way to the kitchen and then each one is tucked into bed. The houseparents stay close throughout the night being the hands and feet of Jesus to these little ones.

The morning is quite a change from the quietness of the night. The other children join in doing everything they can to help the new boys and girls understand their new surroundings. The younger children stay very close to the houseparents while the older two join in the activities with the other children. The oldest sister keeps a watchful eye on her siblings. You can see the effects of trauma in the eyes of these precious children.

And Jesus said come to me all who are weary.

The snow rests on the mountains at Broyhill Home in Clyde. It is a beautiful sight with lights and luminaries lining the campus drive. Each cottage is filled with the aroma of fresh-baked cookies and warm apple cider. The Christmas tree stands majestically in the corner of the living room and glows.

Inside the cottage there is lots of activity. Children are so excited. Smiles shine as bright as the Christmas lights and squeals of joy and laughter can be heard.

But one of the boys is sad and apprehensive about what the holidays might bring. His dad has been sick and is not able to take care of him. His mom struggles with addiction to drugs and alcohol. A few days before Christmas his mom calls to say she has presents and will be coming to visit him. His sadness turns to hope. Mom is coming Christmas day!

When he shares the good news with his houseparents, they offer to invite her for Christmas dinner. This is the best Christmas ever, he thinks. He goes about telling all the boys in the cottage that his mom is coming to visit him.

Christmas morning arrives, and in the kitchen the turkey is going in the oven and pies and cakes are cooling on the counter. The excitement is just about more than this young boy can manage. He checks with his houseparents for the eighth time if his mom will arrive soon. They send him outside to play. He comes back inside to watch for her arrival –– she is now over an hour late.

The phone rings. He runs to get it. “Will you be here soon?” he asks his mom. He listens as she tells him the car has broken down, but he hears her slurred voice –– evidence that she is drinking. When he hangs up, he is angry and hurt. She is drunk again. He runs into the arms of his houseparents and weeps.

And Jesus said come to me all who are weary.

She is 10 years old. Her family abuses alcohol and drugs: “My mom was always out doing drugs. When she was home, she was asleep or passed out. My dad tried to take care of us. He would throw the football and play with us. One day, I was sick and stayed home from school. I woke up and got breakfast. I wandered into the living room and found Dad dead –– he had overdosed. I came to BCH three months later. It’s changed my life.”

And Jesus said come to me all who are weary.

Five year impact: 611 salvations and 101,140 served.

We need your help! Please pray for our children and the ministry of BCH. The cost of sending our children back to school is enormous. Thank you for your transformational gifts of love. Remember, your investment reaps amazing life-changing benefits!

For more information on how you can help, please call me at 336-689-4442. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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