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National Baptist Group awards "SAVED' video grand prize

​Baptist Children’s Homes’ (BCH) communications director Blake Ragsdale and video director and editor Randy Durham won the top award for exceptional achievement in radio, television, film and video at this year’s Baptist Communicators Association’s (BCA) Wilmer C. Fields Awards banquet held in Washington D.C. on April 20.

The 2017 BCH offering video “SAVED” won the M.E. Dodd Award and also took first place in the “promotion video more than three minute” category.

“You could see God working in every phase of the project,” Ragsdale said. “My hope is that SAVED honors the Lord and how He is working in the lives of those BCH serves.”

Ragsdale also credits Randy Durham, owner of Credence Pictures in Raleigh, who has produced BCH’s offering videos for more than a dozen years. “God has given me the privilege of working alongside Randy who masterfully brings these stories to life.”

The M.E. Dodd Award is one of only seven divisional grand prize awards presented each year. It honors the memory of Dr. M.E. Dodd who served as pastor of First Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA. for more than 40 years. He was a Southern Baptist Convention president, a pioneer in radio ministry and the first speaker on the