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Bring Children Hope

Numbers can say so much: 80% of the children and families Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) serves come to us unchurched. Last year, BCH became home to 74 groups of siblings. These precious brothers and sisters, for their safety, had to be removed from the custody of their parents or family members.

In 2012, just six years ago, BCH cared for 12 sibling groups. Those numbers have risen sharply for many reasons, but opioid use in particular has gripped mothers, fathers and families. It indiscriminately rips families apart. More than ever, our cottage parents and caring staff see the effects daily as children come to us hurt, confused and already weary from life’s struggles.

As a child, it’s heartbreaking when you cannot trust your family to feed you, give you clean clothes that fit, provide you a safe home, or simply give you the love you long for. At BCH, our cottage parents stand waiting in the doors of our caring cottage homes and say “come” to these children who have been neglected and often abused. They become a family to them. And they introduce children to the voice of Jesus Christ who says to them, “Come to me...I will give you rest.”

Through the Annual Offering, this is our opportunity to bring hope into the lives of boys and girls throughout our North Carolina mission field where children and families are in crisis as never before. Will you please lead an offering in your church so that together we can provide a compassionate place where children can rise out of brokenness and come into the arms of Jesus?

Again, numbers say so much: 203 lives were forever changed in 2017! Because of churches like yours, North Carolina children have hope. Souls are being saved. You impacted a total of 32,576 lives last year! This would not be possible without you.

Please join us. Thank you.

Dr. Michael C. Blackwell, BCH President/CEO

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