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"This is the best day I ever had!"

“This is the best day I ever had!” Kasey exclaimed.

Kasey and her younger sister, Karla, couldn’t stop laughing as they climbed onto one ride after the other. They had never been to an amusement park before coming to Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH). The sisters, their cottage parents and the other girls they lived with spent the entire day making unforgettable memories.

Friends like you made Kasey and Karla’s summertime memories possible. Your summer sponsorship gave the girls laughter, fun and so much more!

Kasey and Karla’s memories before BCH were tainted by fear and loneliness. Everyday, they were deprived and neglected. Imagine not being able to trust your closest loved ones to take care of your most basic needs like feeding you at least one meal or buying you new shoes when your old ones grow too small. Imagine not feeling safe in your own home. A fun day at the park would be the last thing on your mind.

But because of your summer sponsorship, Kasey and Karla don’t have to worry about eating. In fact, the girls and the other children can enjoy ice cream, watermelon, popsicles and lots of tasty treats on top of three warm meals each day. They are able to go swimming. They attend Vacation Bible School and learn about Jesus. And like all of BCH’s children, the sisters travel with their cottage for a beach vacation.

As they drove to the coast, the girls’ eyes grew wide as they neared the ocean at BCH’s beach cottage. Their cottage parents smiled as the girls wondered out loud:

“How far out does the water go?” “Why does the ocean taste salty?” “What makes the waves come in?”

Soon, because of your generosity, Kasey and Karla’s worrisome memories begin to fade as new summer memories take hold in the girls’ minds and hearts. Most of all, the sisters know that their new BCH family loves them and cares for them.

Please be a summer sponsor for Kasey, Karla and the hundreds of boys and girls who count on your faithful support. Choose a sponsorship level on the back of my letter or give an amount of your choice -- every gift makes a difference! And thank you for changing the lives of North Carolina children living at BCH. Enjoy your summer!

P.S. Please help children this summer! It is important for meeting their tremendous needs, but also for ensuring their summer is filled with encouraging activities that create lasting memories.

Your SUMMER SPONSORSHIP enriches children’s lives while creating joyous memories! Your investment also helps with expenses during the hot summer months (i.e. gasoline, air conditioning, etc.).

Summer giving levels

Thank you!

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