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Fancy Finds fuels Rampin' Up

From the beginning, Fancy Finds’ mission has been to funnel proceeds from its store and services back into the many ministries of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH). A year and half after opening its doors, the upscale resale store is making a significant contribution to the North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM) and its biennial “Rampin’ Up!” event.

A $10,000 check was presented by BCH president/CEO Michael C. Blackwell to NCBAM director Sandy Gregory on March 8.

“As the founder of both NCBAM and Fancy Finds, I could not be prouder of what these two vital and vibrant ministries are accomplishing,” Blackwell said. “This gift is a tangible representation of BCH’s diverse services working together — many ministries beating with one heart!”

Rampin’ Up! is a partnership between NCBAM and Baptists on Mission and is held in conjunction with Operation Inasmuch on April 28 and May 5.

Fancy Finds’ donation will help empower volunteers to build much-needed wheelchair ramps for North Carolina’s frail aging.

“Making this contribution demonstrates why Fancy Finds is here,” said director Renee Gregory. “It’s about how our resources can make a difference.”

Gregory saw the difference firsthand two years ago when she and her children assisted the NCBAM in constructing a ramp.

“We not only witnessed how it helped the client who received the ramp but also how it impacted the whole family,” she explained. “It made life easier being able to get their loved one in and out of the home.”

It is moments like this that drive the Fancy Finds’ mission. Located at Mills Home in Thomasville, Gregory specializes in taking donated, timeworn furniture and home decor items and creatively restoring them for sale.

The process is known as “repurposing” which is incorporated into Fancy Finds’ marketing tag “repurposed for a purpose.” Whether it’s proceeds from retail sales or its estate sales service, the funds support BCH’s ministries to help children, aging adults, families, special needs adults, and other individuals.

“One of the other benefits is there are people who come to the store who know nothing about Baptist Children’s Homes,” Gregory stated. “We get to share with them who we are. They buy something, and at times it leads to them becoming involved and partnering with BCH.”

Learn more about Fancy Finds by calling Renee Gregory at 336-474-1331. To be involved with Rampin’ Up!, call 877-506-2226.

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