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Your VBS kids can help BCH kids

Maggie came to know the love of Jesus! Before she came to live at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH), Maggie was never shown the love she needed.

At age three, this precious girl from the mountains of Western North Carolina was abandoned by her mother and step-father. Even at such a young age, the trauma of feeling unwanted by the people who are supposed to love you lingers like a scar. She was sent to live with her step-grandparents who were not employed and could barely put food on the table. Maggie remembers being so hungry that she would look for scraps of discarded food in a nearby dumpster.

For years, Maggie struggled until BCH became her home. In thinking back on her first day at BCH, she says: “The first thing I noticed was people here truly love you. I had longed for someone to hug me or even just speak to me. Here, my house parents immediately cared for me. They helped me with my problems and they taught me about God.”

It was at Baptist Children’s Homes that Maggie learned what love truly means. Through the unconditional love shown to her by her cottage parents, Maggie asked Jesus to be her Savior. On that day, her life forever changed!

Your VBS Can Change the Lives of North Carolina Children!

When you PRAY, GIVE and CONNECT your VBS with the Baptist Children’s Homes ministry, children’s lives are changed! Not only does your church share the unconditional love of Jesus with our children, but your children learn about the needs of boys and girls right here in our state -- our North Carolina mission field.

Please prayerfully consider being a part of Mission: Kids NC. By leading your VBS kids to pray for Baptist Children’s Homes boys and girls and to collect a missions offering, they make sure NC children have plenty of food, warm beds and caring houseparents. Your VBS also makes it possible for our residents, 80% who are unchurched and unreached for Jesus, to hear the Gospel for the first time.

Visit to download the activity sheet, video and other resources. And be sure to schedule a BCH speaker to come share at your VBS by calling 336.474.1209.

Children are amazing and so are the dedicated leaders, like you, who serve them. Thank you!

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