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You helped Janey know God's love

Janey’s smile beamed as she spotted her first Easter egg. Her curls bounced as she ran toward the colorful treasure quickly retrieving it.

One of the members of the church group who organized the Easter egg hunt for Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) cheered loudly for Janey. The pink egg was not just Janey’s first of the day, this was her first egg hunt ever.

It meant the world to her when she learned people were coming to BCH to hide the eggs and spend time with her and the other boys and girls.

Soon, Janey’s wicker basket was overflowing with color — blues, yellows and greens — as she added egg after egg to her collection. When she counted them, she had more than anyone else. Janey’s accomplishment won her a special prize — a chocolate bunny. Janey was so excited!

Janey never had adults in her life do such special things for her. She nibbled off one of the bunny’s ears; the chocolate melted in her mouth. Her heart, which had experienced so many hurts before coming to BCH, was also softening because of the love she received.

After the egg hunt, the church group shared the Easter story. Janey learned about true love as she heard how Jesus died on the cross and rose again just for her. She was captivated.

The next day was Easter Sunday. Janey and the other girls in her cottage put on their new Easter outfits. The dress and shiny, black shoes were the prettiest clothes she ever owned. Her cottage parents drove the children to church where they heard the Easter story again. Janey later told her cottage mother that “this is the best weekend I ever had!”

Thanks to the love shown to her by church friends and her cottage parents, Janey asked Jesus into her heart at BCH. Her life is now changed for all eternity!

Without you and your Easter gift, Janey would not have experienced God’s life-changing love. Your generosity makes it possible for Janey and children like her to have a caring home at BCH, one that keeps her safe from the hurts she had experienced. You provide new clothes — beautiful Easter dresses and new shoes — to children who have come to us with nothing but the dirty, tattered clothes on their backs. Most of all, you provide a place where the Gospel is shared and Jesus’ love is poured into children’s hearts.

Please give online today at And please be in prayer for the children and families you help serve through Baptist Children’s Homes’ 22 locations across North Carolina and Guatemala. In 2017, you helped us minister to 32,576 children and adults -- thank you! It’s impossible for BCH to care for this many children, families, special needs adults and other individuals without you.

Celebrate Easter, and help the thousands who will turn to us in 2018, by investing in children’s lives. Your gift will ensure that they know they are loved by friends like you, and most of all, by a Heavenly Father who will never leave them nor forsake them. Thank you for changing children's lives!

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