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Firehouse now serving neighbors

The Burningtown-Iotla Fire and Rescue Station (BIFR) is open and serving 169 properties which includes 126 structures in the station’s district. BIFR is one of two stations that serve 45 square miles and a population of nearly 4,000. The property for the new station was made available through a long-term lease agreement with Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH). Drake and Moody Cottages and the Moody Home Ministries Administration Building (the old Moody Farmhouse) are all served by the new station.

“Having a second station to serve this community is extremely important and can save lives and property,” BIFR Assistant Fire Chief Mike Schuler said. “I live close to this new station and have had to drive past a fire in this area to retrieve our trucks and then drive back –– doubling the response time. No more.”

BCH’s Director of Western Area Group Homes Tim Dailey says partnering to serve the greater community is at the heart of BCH’s ministry. “We are glad to help our neighbors. This is where I live with my family, and I’m proud that BCH cares for the larger community.”

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