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There's still time to let a child know you care!

Boys and girls at Baptist Children’s Homes are excited because they have received so many notes of encouragement through our LIVE4:8 initiative. There is still one very important note that is missing — yours.

As friends are sharing God’s love with our children, each of their notes is special. No two people say the exact same thing. Your note will be unique and has the ability to put a smile on a child’s face in a way that no other note can. There’s still time to send your caring note to a child. These children have endured so much heartache and trauma in their young lives. Your note lets them know there are people who love them no matter what they’ve been through. Even more importantly, you can let them know they are loved and valued by God. Don’t miss out on the adventure! Take part in the LIVE4:8 initiative and begin the adventure by sending your note. Thank you for making a difference! Join the LIVE4:8 adventure »

How We Live4:8

“My life has become a miracle. God has put all things into place. He has transformed me into who I am today. It’s not been easy, but I now see God in the everyday little things and it’s made

the big challenges doable.”

-Caitlin, BCH Family Care Resident

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