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Calling all friends! Help someone discover their dream job

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

I’m calling on every reader of Charity & Children to help Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) get the word out: “We’re hiring!” But we are not looking for people who just need a job; we are looking for people who feel called to serve hurting children and families.

Currently, we have opportunities for people who love the Lord and are seeking their dream job.

There are multiple cottage parent and wilderness camp chief openings. The ever-expanding foster family care ministry needs case managers and licenser/ trainer staff. North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry, NCBAM, needs two regional directors. Our ministry to intellectual and developmentally disabled adults has multiple opportunities. Even the Weekday Education program in Thomasville needs teachers. (See a complete listing at

I believe you know someone who needs to know about BCH’s wonderful career opportunities, openings at many of our more than thirty locations across North and South Carolina.

When I ask a BCH staff member why he or she serves, the answer

is always the same: “I was called.”

But don’t take my word for it. Read about BCH’s Amanda Arrington Doty’s personal journey here. Or visit and watch three videos of staff members sharing their callings.

Will you help someone you know discover their dream job? Help get the word out, today!

Written by Dr. Michael C. Blackwell, president/CEO

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