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Pastor encourages others to share powerful Thanksgiving Offering video

The 2017 Annual Offering video, entitled SAVED, has left viewers with tears of both sorrow and joy. People are saying it’s one of Baptist Children’s Homes’ (BCH) most powerful videos yet.

The short film, based on the true story of a nine-year-old boy who rescues his younger sisters from their abusive home, is being shared with North Carolina Baptists as a part of the BCH offering promotion.

“The video captures your heart,” said Michael Barrett, pastor at Pleasant Garden Baptist Church. “It’s so difficult to think about children being that empty and hurt that they just have to get out without knowing where they are going.”

The video was shown in Pleasant Garden’s services on Sunday, September 10 during a time of worship led by BCH’s children and staff members. The church invited BCH to come and share the ministry with its congregation as a part of their BCH offering drive.

Amber Ward, whose family attends Pleasant Garden, said this year’s video sparked a great deal of conversation with her children after the Sunday video presentation. “We talked about what a hero this little boy was and the guts it took to leave,” she said. “We saw how God lined up the puzzle pieces in the siblings’ journey by providing the police officer, social workers and BCH.”

When talking with their mom, Ward’s sons were amazed that the boy chose to leave the home.

“I hope others will stop and take the time to see this story because it opens up a perspective that we don’t always see,” she explained.


Barrett agreed. “The tragedy of this story is that it’s not only true but it is multiplied a number of times over across our state and nation.

“Thank the Lord there is Baptist Children’s Homes –– a place that offers an environment that allows children to thrive where they may not otherwise survive.”

Barrett encourages other pastors to watch and share the video with their churches.

“Their story puts us in touch with the reality that we aren’t just to live in our own world, but that God calls us to give that cup of cold water, to give that message of love and hope,” Barrett concluded. “The video shows that Baptist Children’s Homes is a beacon of hope.”

Download a digital copy immediately by visiting To order the DVD or to schedule a BCH speaker to share at your church, call BCH at 336-474-1209.

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