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Don't Stop - Share the Adventure!

When you make God the focus of your day-to-day life, people around you notice. In fact, it can become contagious! Your family, friends, the person in line with you at the store — they see your excitement and it has the power to transform their lives. Your desire to see lives change is why we are so thankful you are coming alongside us and joining the LIVE4:8 initiative! And it began with you sharing a note of encouragement with Baptist Children’s Homes. Your words mean so much to our boys, girls and everyone we serve because of the hurts they have experienced. You have shared the heart of Philippians 4:8 with them as a first step. Are you ready for the next one? Who can you invite to go on the LIVE4:8 adventure with you? Invite the people close to you to take the LIVE4:8 initiative. Share your story with them and tell them what God has done in your life. Whether over a cup of coffee, a ride in the car or through social media, find ways to share and celebrate God’s goodness. Share the LIVE4:8 Adventure » We’d love to hear your story, too! Would you be willing to share how you are living out your LIVE4:8 adventure? Visit to share your story. It doesn’t have to be long -- typing just a few words will do. Then tune in to facebook or our BCH blog to see how God is moving and working through others as they live out their own LIVE4:8 adventure.

How We Live 4:8

It takes resilience to keep going forward. It’s like looking at your past in a rearview mirror: You can always see it, but the farther away, the smaller and less significant it becomes.” -Moeisha, BCH’s HOMEBASE ministry

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