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Have you ever wished you could fly? I have.

Editor's Note: Nine-year-old Jake dreamed of flying away to some safe place.

I used to dream about flying all the time – I dreamed of being like Superman. I was always strong. My sister and I would run around the yard, laughing and playing.

I would reach out my arms and jump. It was so much fun.

But it didn’t last.

Did your parents ever get angry? My step-dad did. . .a lot. And mom, she never seemed to care. I used to dream that I could fly so far away and never have to hear him yelling ever again. I dreamed of going to a place where my little sister wouldn’t cry, and we wouldn’t be scared anymore.

Do you ever wish you could fly? I do. And one day, I did!

Watch Jake's powerful story and how he found safety and love at BCH!

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