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Annual Offering video recreates siblings' story

The story of the big brother who rescued his two younger sisters from their abusive home has been told many times since the children arrived at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH). It has been shared with BCH’s supporters at speaking engagements as well as through letters and other print materials.

Now, the story has come to life through this year’s Annual Offering video entitled “SAVED.”

“It was clear this story’s reach needed to go even farther,” BCH president/CEO Michael C. Blackwell explained. “Through the video, it can reach thousands and thousands. It is ideal for this year’s offering.”

Blackwell was astonished when he first received word of the children’s experience. The nine-year-old boy woke up early one morning, packed a small bag, and led his two sisters, ages three and five, out of the family home.

With the help of a police officer, who found them walking along the road in search of a safe place, they came to Baptist Children’s Homes.

“I was amazed at the bravery of this young boy who was appropriately wearing his Superman t-shirt,” Blackwell said. “Like a superhero, he saved his sisters.”

Telling their story required a different approach from BCH director of communications Blake Ragsdale, who produces the Annual Offering video. In the past, the children featured in the yearly videos received permission from their parents or guardians to appear on camera. This year, because of the gravity of their situation, the siblings could not appear on video or be identified.

“It was about finding the best way to tell their story while protecting their privacy,” Ragsdale explained. “I decided to write the story from the boy’s perspective and treat it like a short film.”

This approach required bringing in volunteers, personal friends and staff members to play key roles. To streamline the process, there is only one sister instead of two. The names of the children have also been changed.

“It allowed me the freedom to be true to the story while only changing the most necessary elements,” Ragsdale said.

The video was produced in partnership with Credence Pictures in Raleigh. The company has worked alongside BCH to produce its annual videos for 12 consecutive years.

“Randy Durham and his team at Credence are incredible,” Ragsdale said. “In every aspect of this year’s production, God brought the perfect group of people together to create this film.”

There are three versions of “SAVED” – the seven-minute feature, a three-minute short, and a one-minute promo. Ragsdale encourages all to watch the story and share it.

“This story is a testament to God’s goodness and how the support of our churches and friends saved these children’s lives,” he said.

Experience their story! To watch the video visit

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