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I remember rushing to get ready for school

It’s the same here. Cottage parents fix breakfast, share a short devotion, and there’s just enough time for the children to grab their backpacks as the bus arrives. Then, they hop on just in time.

The new school year is quickly approaching, but it’s not too late to make your Back-to-School gift. You can help the hundreds of BCH’s boys and girls have all they need for a great start this new school year. In fact, if you make your gift today, it will arrive just in time.

Before summers ends, new children come into our care. Their needs will be great. They will need new clothes, school supplies, and most of all, lots of love – your Back-to-School gift helps make it possible to give these children the care they deserve.

Thank you for being there for the children – right on time!

Give online at Michael C. Blackwell


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