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A vision of Freedom

A vision of freedom = HOPE

A vision of freedom = CHANGED LIVES

Today we celebrate the 241st anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. The 4th of July is ripe with traditions that include the flying of Old Glory, family gatherings, vacations and picnics, fireworks and a host of other activities associated with the day that marks our beginning as an independent nation.

This “All American” holiday is a time when we honor the courage of our forefathers. Those who signed this historic document and those who lived during this time had embraced a powerful vision. They desired freedom. The battle raged. They fought hard. And, in the end, they won their freedom.

Since that time many others have carried forth this same vision for freedom and fought so that we can live in a free country. July 4th celebrations become even more dramatic as we celebrate those who have fought and succeeded in helping to make our world a safer place. To you, those who have served and to those who serve, we say Thank You!!!

American independence was achieved through courageous risk-taking and difficult struggle. It is also true for many of the children and families we care for daily at BCH. For them, freedom is something they long for every day: Freedom from fear, abuse, hunger, alcoholism and drug abuse, the pain of abandonment, hopelessness, and nightmares. Many of our children are bound by a combination of circumstances in which they had no control. It left them feeling helpless and powerless over their lives. Surely those early founders of our country must have felt overwhelmed and afraid of being helpless to control the country they wanted to call their own. The founders of our nations, however, had one essential ingredient - a vision of freedom which fueled their hope.

The most important independence we witness, however, is the freedom that is described in Paul's writings to the Galatians. Paul says, "Standfast therefore in the liberty where with Christ has made us free." (Gal. 5:1). Here, we are blessed with the opportunity to introduce children and families to true freedom. It is an opportunity for them to experience a spiritual "Independence Day" of their own. As Christian houseparents and staff teach them that they can be dependent on Christ, they are able to experience the independence of liberty that Paul describes… freedom from fear, hopelessness and uncertainly. It is the freedom that comes from having a vision for a future filled with promise.

At Baptist Children’s Homes, many children find a safe haven where they learn about freedom through Jesus. They discover a place where they are allowed to be children, where they can hope, and envision a brighter future for themselves.

As you celebrate this July Fourth, remember all the days of freedom you made possible for children and families through your prayers and support.

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