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Month of May is time to remember and honor

On May 29, our country celebrates Memorial Day. It’s the day we remember and honor those who gave their lives protecting our freedom. Almost everywhere in the world, people have designated a special day to remember those who died in battle and to honor the family and friends they left behind. Thousands of Americans will gather in Washington D.C. for the National Memorial Day Parade to share the story of honor and sacrifice that spreads across generations.

In Thomasville, where Mills Home is located, Memorial Day is celebrated with great pride. The day begins with a wreath-laying ceremony at the North Carolina Vietnam Veterans Memorial located two miles south of Thomasville along I-85. The annual Memorial Day Parade follows, and free hot dogs and soda are served at noon.

Thousands from all over North Carolina attend making the celebration one of the largest of its kind in the southeastern United States.

May is filled with other special occasions.

May 14 is the time we honor and celebrate our mothers. On Mother’s Day churches make special presentations. Families gather for lunches honoring moms. For others, the day is a time to treasure the memories of their late mothers.

May is also a time of college graduations.

Parents and grandparents gather to celebrate the momentous occasion.

May is a time of weddings. John and I will celebrate 44 years on May 19 – so many special memories

As I remember, I cannot help but think of the children served since Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) was founded in 1885. There have been many who have graduated school, become adults and gone on to become great citizens in their communities.

I remember the faces of the children and families who have been helped since I began to serve at BCH. I remember the faces of those who came to know Jesus.

I see the faces of the dedicated staff members who serve to help others in need. I remember, with a great sense of gratitude, friends like you who have given of their love, care and resources to impact these lives with the love of God. And I thank my God upon every remembrance of you. (Philippians 1:3)

It’s important to remember those special people in our lives who have encouraged us and influenced us in such positive and wonderful ways. Stop, take a moment, and remember and cherish those memories.

As you look for special ways to honor and remember family and friends in the month of May, I have an idea for you to consider. A great way to remember moms, graduates, brides and grooms, and other special people who have been significant in your life is to send a gift in their honor or memory to help children and families in need.

I believe there is no better way to remember someone than to honor them in a way that makes a difference in the life of a child.

Recently, I attended an event in which a happy couple announced their wedding. Instead of receiving gifts for themselves, they asked that their family and friends give gifts to others in need. They shared how they wanted to begin their lives together by giving to others.

This month as we take time to remember, honor and celebrate, we place you at the top of our thankful list. You are important to this ministry. Through your prayers and loving support, you are making a lasting impact. Thank you for helping to lift high the cross of Jesus so that those we serve can experience everlasting freedom. Send your gift in honor or memory of your loved one today!

To create a special moment that will change the life of a child forever, contact Brenda Gray at 336-689-4442 or Make an online donation today - click here to send your gift!

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