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BCH Trustees experience Fancy Finds during meeting

Baptist Children’s Homes Trustees experienced first hand Fancy Finds – BCH’s new upscale resale store located at Mills Home in Thomasville. The group took a break from its semi-annual meeting on January 17 to browse the nearly 4,200 square foot store located off Idol Drive. The store which opened in 2016 offers retro, vintage and antique merchandise. Additional Fancy Finds offerings include “do-it-yourself” classes, consignment opportunities and estate sale services. The store is open two weekends a month, the first and third Friday and Saturday. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Fridays and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays. Fancy Finds is on Facebook and online at All proceeds go to enrich the lives of children, aging adults and families served through BCH.

Trustee chair John Lee of Nashville presided during the meeting as the group heard positive reports from the ministry’s auditor and investment counselors.

BCH president Michael C. Blackwell welcomed nine newly-elected Trustees. They are: Connie Coble, Raleigh; Ken Haigler, Wilmington; Gary Issette, Wilson; Jerry Jordan, Oakboro; Justin Lee, Clinton; Joann Lutz, Boiling Springs; David Powell, Dobson; Elaine Scarborough, Polkton; and David Smith, Lenoir.

Blackwell also introduced, with Trustee Carl Anderson of Leasburg, the strategic planning team. Anderson and Blackwell will direct the group made up of seven trustees and 12 staff members. Trustees are: Anderson, Kenneth Lance, Jerry Jordan, Joann Lutz, Elaine Scarborough, David Smith, and John Lee. BCH staff members include: Blackwell, Keith Henry, Sam Barefoot, Brenda Gray, Nancy McNeill, Jennie Counts, Jim Edminson, Sandy Gregory, Bond Kiser, Linda Morgan, Blake Ragsdale, and Martha Surratt. This is Blackwell’s seventh strategic plan to oversee.

Blackwell presented BCH’s 2016 Accomplishments Report. The report states that last year 21,015 people were impacted by the ministry and there were 147 decisions for Christ.

Lee extended a challenge during his closing comments: “How do you offer a challenge to a group that embodies excellence in everything that is done? As Trustees, let us commit ourselves to be cheerleaders in the coming year – cheerleaders for each other, for BCH’s staff, and the children and families served. We stand together and shout, ‘Keep going!’ ‘Don’t give up!’”

Lee reminded Trustees that the ministry is about helping, building and strengthening families. “It is gratifying to give ourselves to the support of such a work.”

The next full Board meeting is slated for 10:00 a.m. on September 19 in Thomasville.

Fancy Finds is now open the first and third Friday and Saturday of each month. For more information, visit

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