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Kids Helping Kids Through VBS!

We are blessed to be a part of the Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) ministry because we get to see the lives of North Carolina children changed every day! It is hard to imagine that boys and girls who live in our North Carolina communities, around the corner from our churches, and even down the street from where we live, are going through some of the most horrific situations you and I can imagine.

We’ve seen children come to BCH who were homeless and forced to sleep under a bridge. We’ve seen a brother and sister who once spent a week sharing a jar of peanut butter because it was the only food they had to eat. We’ve seen a child whose step-father brutally pulled the hair out of her head.

We have also seen children find a safe home, eat regular meals and discover adults who love them through BCH. And we’ve seen boys and girls find hope by asking Jesus into their hearts. None of this is possible without churches like yours.

Your VBS Can Change the Lives of North Carolina Children! Through praying, giving and connecting with the Baptist Children’s Homes ministry, your VBS kids can share the unconditional love of Jesus with hurting boys and girls. North Carolina -- our home state -- is a mission field where we can impact the lost and the future of our communities by bringing hope to these children.

Accepting the Mission! Please prayerfully consider being a part of Mission: Kids NC. By leading your VBS kids to pray for Baptist Children’s Homes boys and girls and to collect a missions offering, they are helping provide plenty of food, a warm bed and caring houseparents. Your VBS also makes it possible for our residents, 80% who are unchurched and unreached for Jesus, to hear the Gospel for the first time.

Visit to download a short video your VBS can view as well as an activity sheet and other resources. And be sure to schedule a BCH speaker to come share at your VBS by calling 336.474.1209.

Children are amazing and so are the dedicated leaders, like you, who serve them. Thank you!

For more information on how your VBS can help, go to

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