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It's time to put on your cape!


Child and adult with superhero capes

Your gifts make life-changing stories possible!

Read the story of a nine-year-old Superman who rescued his little sisters.

In the middle of the night this summer, a nine-year-old boy quietly walked into the bedroom of his two little sisters and woke them. This big brother had grown tired of seeing his sisters go without eating. He could no longer stand to see them hurting because of the abuse that plagued their family home.

So the nine-year-old boy packed a small bag, took his three-year-old and five-year-old sisters by their hands and left underneath the shroud of the night sky. The boy didn't know where he was going. All he knew was he had to get them far away from home - he had to save his sisters.

The following morning, a deputy spotted the three siblings walking along the highway. The boy, dressed appropriately in his Superman shirt, told the stunned officer, "Please take me and my sisters to foster care. We can't live with our mom and stepdad anymore. They beat us and they starve us and my stepdad pulls my little sister's hair out."

Law enforcement officers knew exactly where to go and where to turn. Within a couple of hours, these three precious children were given the refuge and compassionate care they sought at Baptist Children's Homes. This nine-year-old big brother succeeded in rescuing his little sisters. Mission accomplished.

Your generous support, prayers and gifts are the reason why we can bring hope and healing to children and families. But our mission continues. More children will come to us in need of rescuing in 2017 each with his and her own story of trauma and heartache.

Please give today! Your life-changing gift will be DOUBLED through our matching gift challenge helping the children we care for now and those who will come to us tomorrow.

So put on your cape and come to the rescue of boys and girls who are counting on you!

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