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BCH President shares Baptists' impact at convention

Baptists went out of their way to affirm the ministry of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) during the two-day Annual Meeting of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Taking place on November 14 -15 at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, BCH’s display booths consistently stayed busy as friends visited with the ministry’s staff.

“The Annual Meeting is always energizing. It’s inspiring to be among people who care so much for our children and families,” said BCH president/CEO Michael C. Blackwell. “North Carolina Baptists make what we do possible.”

During Blackwell’s report at the Tuesday morning session, messengers heard firsthand how their support powerfully impacts lives.

Blackwell shared the story of Ruth, a 78-year-old widow who lost her home and was forced to sell most of her furnishings due to financial hardships after her husband’s passing. Through BCH’s North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM), 17 Baptist churches rallied to find Ruth a new home, provide appliances and furniture, stock her pantry, and pay her utility deposits.

“Ruth went from impossible to I’m possible,” Blackwell said. NCBAM served 7,270 people this past year.

Blackwell continued by telling the story of a desperate teenage girl whose hope had evaporated because of her family’s drug addictions. She ran away from BCH twice but returned to see if her houseparents would continue to support her.

“She found out what loving people Baptists are because Baptists do not give up on a child!” Blackwell exclaimed as the crowd applauded. “One of her housefathers led her to a saving grace in Jesus Christ and baptized her in the swimming pool at our Broyhill Home.”

Blackwell concluded by saying, “Praise God and stay tuned.”

Immediately after his report, BCH’s executive leader presented messengers with complimentary copies of his new book, Above the Clouds: 9 Essentials for Thriving at the Peak. Blackwell visited with each individual and personally inscribed every book.

“It’s the least I can do to show my appreciation to our NC Baptist friends for their unwavering support,” Blackwell said.

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