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Help make their first day of school a complete success!

Going back to school can be both exciting and scary. For many of the children coming into our care, school had to come second due to the challenges taking place at home. Often, they had few clothes to wear -- most of it old and in tatters. They lacked the school supplies that every child needs. And for children who weren't fed regularly, the only meals they could count on were ones at school. BCH is the first place where they have not had to worry about food, clothing and having caring people in their lives to believe in them and help them succeed!

Johnny and Corey are two of BCH's children who no longer have to be concerned about the struggles surrounding them at home. The brothers are thriving both personally and at school as evidenced by the good grades they received on their last report cards. They are so proud!

Before BCH, the boys couldn't count on their parents. Their mother was in and out of their lives because of her struggle with drugs. Their father, who is known for his fiery temper, committed a violent crime which landed him in jail.

The boys' lives were in turmoil and their grades suffered. They couldn't understand why this was happening to their family or how to deal with it. They loved their mom and dad so much but knew they couldn't count on them.

Your back-to-school gift turns children's lives around! Johnny and Corey are doing so much better because friends like you invest in their lives. At BCH, they have caring houseparents who show them God's unconditional love. You help give them that caring home that's free from worry and heartache.

As the new school year approaches, more children will come through BCH's doors. Between 2013 and 2015, the number of children we served rose 24%! Without you, there is no way to provide the supplies, educational support and daily care they need. Your back-to-school gift will change their lives, too!

Please become a back-to-school sponsor today. You can learn more about sponsorship levels or give a gift of your choosing.

Thank you for being a blessing to the children and believing their future is something worth supporting.

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