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Kennedy Home alumni celebrate love for eachother

Kennedy Home (KH) “brothers and sisters,” as the alumni affectionately refer to themselves, gathered for the annual Homecoming at Baptist Children’s Homes’ (BCH) campus in Kinston the weekend of June 3. The former residents celebrated their love for each other and the place they call their childhood home.

“Our hats are off to KH director Brian Baltzell, his staff and the boys and girls of Kennedy Home for treating us all like family,” John Thompson said. Thompson writes the monthly Charity & Children Kennedy Home alumni column and served as the choir director for the Kinston campus from 1972-77. “It’s just a good bunch of young‘uns and BCH leadership at Kennedy Home.”

For the first time in years, the alumni moved the celebratory event from the weekend of July 4 to the first weekend in June. They voted to hold next year’s Homecoming in June once again.

Another first was the inaugural presentation of the Kennedy Home “Friends of Children” award. Kennedy Home director Brian Baltzell presented the recognition to alumna Doris Hartley Powers, who served as vice president of the alumni association this past year, on behalf of the campus’ staff members and children. Husband Jimmy was by Doris’ side.

“Doris is always positive, supportive and always looks for the best in people. She’s always available to lead community tours of Kennedy Home and Cedar Dell Manor,” Baltzell said. “Everyone genuinely loves being around Doris.”

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