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Ministry partners share reasons for giving

There are many reasons why people make charitable gifts. In preparation for a seminar I was doing at a training conference, I did some research. First, I scoured articles on the subject and composed a list of six reasons for why people give to help others. The number one reason is that a person was asked to make a gift. People also give because of their religious beliefs, they have a desire to impact others’ lives, they have a strong belief in the cause’s mission, and the giver is appreciative. The sixth reason is tax benefits.

Next, I decided to do my own research and so I asked a few of our ministry partners why they give to Baptist Children’s Homes. I was inspired and encouraged by their responses and wanted to share them with you.


“My wife and I are supporters of BCH for many reasons, but a particular reason is that we want to be encouragers and helpers of those that have been overlooked, abused or otherwise discarded in society. We recognize that all people are created by God and are valued by Him. We therefore want to assist them physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”


“I give to BCH because it is compassionate. They have rescued thousands of children in the past 130 years.”


“I give to Baptist Children’s Homes because the lives of children like Kimani, Paulina, Thomas, and Travis have been changed.”


“To much has been given much is required. It all belongs to God and I hope we will be found good stewards of what He has given to us. We have seen the difference Baptist Children’s Homes is making in the lives of children and families. We are blessed to be a part of this ministry.”


“My daughter lives at Lanier Home in Sanford. I love Baptist Children’s Homes! I am asking all my friends to help the ministry.”


“BCH is credible! At Baptist Children’s Homes, there is a culture of excellence. BCH is consistent, from senior leadership to childcare workers. They are all called to a higher purpose.”


“As a business leader, I give because they are good stewards. The ministry is cost effective with the majority of funds given going into direct service to children.”


“I love children.”


“Staff and Trustees have ‘skin in the game.’ Their commitment to the Sharing Hope . . . Changing Lives Capital Campaign was inspiring.”


“I give to Baptist Children’s Homes because it is Christ-centered. The problems being dealt with cannot be solved without Christ at the forefront.”


“When we recognize it all comes from God, we will care about what He cares about – others. We will then desire to share – sharing and caring, rinse and repeat.”


“By sharing and caring, we are building up treasures in heaven. ‘storing up treasures for themselves.’ Perhaps these are treasures that we will have the honor of laying at Jesus’ feet as a sacrifice. In any event, treasures are promised for those who faithfully share and care as God prescribes.”


“These are investments into God’s kingdom that will bear eternal returns!”


“God owns it all, but He chooses to place it in our pockets. We want to use it to build God’s kingdom. It is His money – we are striving to be found faithful with it.”


WOW! These heart-felt reasons say it all. My research was complete and I had everything I needed for my presentation!

I’m so thankful for every ministry partner. All of our supporters are champions with us as we share and care for the children. You all inspire and encourage me!

My favorite scripture on giving is Matthew 25: 31–40. What’s yours? Email me and share your favorite scripture or thoughts on giving. I would love to hear from you!

Also, we presently need to renovate several cottages to be able to care for more children and families. We need to raise approximately $2 million for these much needed renovations at this time. We also need funds for several vans and vehicles needed for transportation on each of our campuses. Call me to offer your financial support or your gift of time to help with these renovation projects. We need you!

For more information on how you can make a difference in the lives of those God has entrusted into our care, contact Brenda Gray at 336-689-4442 or

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