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Ralph thanks Jesus for Alverta Bolick Home

Ralph is a gentle giant standing a little more than six feet tall. The Alverta Bolick Home resident was born in Asheville’s Mission Hospital on May 5, 1956. And until his mother and father passed away less than a year apart, he lived at home, was loved and cared for, and had few worries. But after their deaths, his life was turned upside down when he ended up living at a nursing care facility.

“It wasn’t good for me there,” Ralph recalls solemnly.

Ralph slept on a thin mattress laid on a metal, institutional-style bedframe with side rails that could be raised and lowered. There were days when he did not receive his medications. He had no friends.

A smile precedes his next words, “But then I found this place. I said to Jesus, ‘Thank you for giving me an excellent home.’”

Ralph says he likes living in a Christian Home and “wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Alverta Bolick Home in Asheville is one of nine Developmental Disabilities Ministry homes operated by Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) around the state. The ministry recently marked a milestone reaching 100% occupancy in all nine homes. The final room was filled by the 54th resident who moved in at Alverta Bolick Home.

Ralph’s days are filled. He and the other residents at the Asheville home do daily chores. They make their beds and clean their rooms.