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A Mountaintop Experience - children give their lives to Jesus

Make sure children know the real meaning of Easter. Give today to share the good news!

There have been many highlights throughout my nearly 33 years as President, but nothing is more rewarding than seeing boys and girls ask Jesus into their hearts.

Children coming to know Jesus is why Robert and Diane Earley serve as house- parents. Every afternoon, the delicious aroma of a home-cooked meal fills their cottage. The girls know it’s almost dinner time and time for their daily devotion.

The Earleys teach them about God’s never-failing love.

The girls circle around and Robert writes the day’s scripture on a white board that hangs on the kitchen wall. In unison, the group reads the scripture and Robert shares a devotional thought. He talks about how much God loves each of them and how His son Jesus died for them. They end their time by holding hands as a family and praying.

Sixteen-year-old Oksana was moved by the words she heard. The Earleys watched as the Gospel message took hold and they were there when Oksana asked Jesus to be her Savior. Robert shared that he felt like he was standing on a mountaintop!

You are a part of decisions like Oksana’s. You are a part of changing lives forever. This Easter as we celebrate Christ’s triumphant resurrection, I ask you to help again.

Houseparents like the Earleys share hope with children every day. A gift this Easter makes it possible to give children the caring home they deserve where Godly men and women show them unconditional love. As many as 80% of our residents come to us unchurched. Your gift provides children a safe home, warm beds and caring cottageparents who share the Gospel.

Thank you for being an essential part of changing the lives of children and families.

You can be part of decisions like Oksana's!

Help us change lives forever!

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